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Bridal Makeup Information

I'm here to make your big day effortlessly beautiful

I know how important it is for brides stand out on their special day, so I really appreciate you trusting me to give that to you! With bridal makeup, looking elegant can come in many ways, and whatever preference you have I can accommodate to help you feel your best. I have plenty of various style experience, but I only have one goal in mind: to make each and every bride feel like a princess. Enjoy some of my favorite bridal styles while learning some information about the bridal package!

Bridal Makeup: Weddings

Bridal Makeup Styles

Bridal makeup comes in all different styles, and every bride has their own preference on how they want their makeup. But some things that all brides have in common is they don’t want their makeup to feel and look heavy, and it needs to last all night. Every look I create is personalized to the bride depending on styles and shades that compliment their features the best and also depending on their personal makeup preferences. Even if you prefer full coverage glam makeup, the products and techniques I use will never leave you feeling cakey. Get in touch today to discuss your perfect bridal look or schedule your bridal trial so you can see your perfect look before your big day.


Bridal Booking Process

When booking makeup services for you and your bridal party, make sure you have talked over timeframes with your photographer, wedding planner and venue before hand, and also make sure you confirm with your bridal party exactly who will be getting services. Having that information makes filling out my Bridal Contract easier. When you are ready to book your big day with me, just fill out the information below and I will send you my Bridal Makeup Contract for you to look over!

Bridal Tips and Recommendations

Being as prepared as possible for your big day is very important to make the day go as best as possible. So here's some tips on how to be prepped and ready before your bridal makeup! 

-Start a skincare routine, and make sure to add SPF

-See your Dermatologist and an Esthetician for facials and skincare advice

-Don't get any harsh waxing or skin peels within 2 weeks of your wedding

-If you get lash extensions, get them a few days before your wedding at a salon that you trust will give you the best quality for your style and eye shape

-Have freshly cleaned skin with no product on for your wedding day makeup

-Make sure the room you're getting ready in is a comfortable temperature so that your makeup and hair stay flawless


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