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Getting your makeup done professionally before you get photos taken is very important. Photography makeup is a very specific style that accentuates your natural beauty and enhances your best features, which gives you the confidence boost you need to make you a natural Infront of the camera! Shimmers, glitters, and shine of any kind are not the cameras best friend, so for the best results, I like to keep the skin and eyes as matte as possible. Daytime photos can also wash out the skin a bit, so to combat that I like to do a good amount of blush and bronzer. In person, this style of makeup might seem like a little more than what your used to, but when you see the photos you are going to be obsessed!

Senior Portrait Makeup
Makeup for Headshot Portrait

Senior Portrait Makeup

Most highschoolers don't wear a lot of makeup on a regular basis, which is why for most seniors I do a very natural, soft makeup look that evens out the skin, and adds color and dimension where needed. Every look will vary per client depending on what they're comfortable with, and what will look best with their features.

Portrait Makeup

Getting headshots taken professionally is super important for your brand. You want to look like an elevated version of yourself while staying professional. Every headshot is different depending on what will be best for your business, brand, or workplace, so your makeup will be customized as well to suit who you are!

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